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I make websites and
I like getting people involved in open source.

Github: elena
Bitbucket: elequ
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Twitter: @elequ
Facebook: ele.wil
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LinkedIn: elenawilliams

I had the honour of talking at PyCon US 2014 this is my talk:
Hitchhikers Guide to Participating in Open Source


During 2014 and 2015 I've been organising DjangoGirls events in my spare time
(among other projects).

Sydney, Australia -- Jul 2015

Montreal, Canada @PyCon US 2015 -- April 2015

I had the great fortune of working with a remarkable international team to help
organise the first DjangoGirls @ PyCon US.

Perth, Australia -- March 2015

As part of a wonderful team in Perth we are organising the first ever combined
DjangoGirls / RubyGirls event: Perth#{web}Girls in March 2015.

Brisbane, Australia @PyCon AU 2014 -- July 2014

I organised the 2nd ever DjangoGirls: DjangoGirls Brisbane
in July 2014 (with so many wonderful helpers!).

Also 3rd profile in the "Django Story" series (after Ola and Ola of course :)

Check out my Django podcast:

Django News & Update podcast project.

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