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03 Jan 2014

Terrible Purportedly Tech Podcast

I just unsubscribed from a Podcast that was supposed to be about tech. I’ve tolerated a couple of episodes of this before but today they crossed the line.

Why you might ask?

  • started with 80’s guitar riff
  • spent first 5 minutes talking about sport (about sport!)
  • spent 10 minutes then bagging out and being scared of Boston Dynamics (quote: “I hope I’m dead before these things take over the world”)
  • then spent some time playing with a bobble-head (on radio)
  • still had an hour and a half to go.

I think their tech is not the tech they think it is. Sounds like over-the-top self-congratulatory middle-age American men (it was all men) being drunk and loud at a bar. I could be wrong but it’s hurting both my ears and brain – if they had decent content I couldn’t stand to find it amongst the noise.

This is a long-standing an reputable podcast. Maybe it’s just deteriorated to this point, but I hope this never happens to me and I’m definitely steering clear of this stuff.

I felt a massive sense of relief deleting/unsubscribing from this.

Fortunately I’d queued up a radio hour of LNL Dying Well in order to cleanse myself of the confronting hyperbole – which worked a treat. See, this is good broadcasting. Thank you as always Mr. Adams.

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