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15 Dec 2013

Mother Raised Right

” … He is the way he is because either a) his mother didn’t raise him right or b) he didn’t listen to his mother. “


Interesting article about bigotry which is wonderful! But through my biased-filter with my fascination for female place in our culture the closing sentence of the piece was the one that really kicked me.

His “mother” raises him, according to the idiom. Using the term “father” in place makes it no longer a familiar phrase.

Educate and nurture your woman, people. Surely that’s the only possible moral from this.

One other tangential cultural gem from this article on bigotry is the obvious belief in God of the bigot. He seems unaware that Jesus was technically black. Or maybe he is aware … Oh gosh this line of thinking is a slippery slope to the crazy …

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