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09 Dec 2013

Word of the Day: Rehearse




past tense: rehearsed; past participle: rehearsed

#1 practice (a play, piece of music, or other work) for later public performance. “we were rehearsing a play” synonyms: prepare, practice, read through, run through/over, go over

#2 supervise (a performer or group) that is practicing in this way. “he listened to Charlie rehearsing the band” synonyms: train, drill, prepare, coach, put someone through their paces

#3 mentally prepare or recite (words one intends to say). “he had rehearsed a thousand fine phrases”

#4 state (a list of points, esp. those that have been made many times before); enumerate. “criticisms of factory farming have been rehearsed often enough” synonyms: enumerate, list, itemize, detail, spell out, catalog, recite, rattle off;

The what now?!

That man! What an orater, so articulate.

At ~2:40 he throws away this word by its fourth use.

” … I think it’s an excellent thing that there’s no need to believe the absurd propositions that I, admittedly rather briefly rehearsed to you.”

I don’t recall ever having heard this word used like this before! Wow. You are missed Mr. Hitchens.

Moreover he uses the words Necrocracy and Thanatocracy (both of which could easily have been words of the day in their own right, though they kind of mean the same thing) and the quote “ … but at least you can fucking die and leave North Korea.*” (~4:10) to that audience. What a guy.


*” … Does the Koran or the Bible offer you that liberty? No!

No! The tyranny, the misery, the utter ownership of your entire personality, the smashing of your individuality only begins at the point of death.

This is evil, this is a wicked preaching.

So. That’s the first thing … “

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