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24 Nov 2013

Today's Obsession: Learning to Write

Woke up today, was productive for a little while then became obsessed by wanting to be able to write more gooderer.

I’ve always written myself off as a bad writer, but the idea of leaving this notion behind and actually learning and practicing to become better has been on my mind lately. I’ve needed to be able to express myself and it would be useful if I had this skill for some of the projects that I’m working on.

I know have ‘my own’ voice, so this isn’t a problem. My vocabulary is erring on brobdingnagian, so that’s fine too. I was conscious during English classes in highschool and tended to do well so remember some basic rules. I feel strongly about the grammar that I know though am aware that there are a lot of these rules that I do not know.

Firstly I think I just need to change my attitude. To defend myself I say that I write poorly: I use the term “Elena-speak” for that wordy waffle I’m prone to using. And I use “I” too much (which is a confidence thing).

One of the journalists in the Django community said practice, practice, practice.

This is a conscious step towards that pursuit.

This is one of the cases where having your work assessed is useful, that is to say actually doing a course.

I’ve started laying myself some groundwork and again instead of going “shallow and long” have gone “deep and short”.

After an intense morning of going through a variety of material on youtube (including an enjoyable talk by Stephen King), these were the ones I was best primed by (in chronological order).

I have made a post for each with my notes.

Learning to Write

Voice, Tense, Perspective, Cliché, Wordiness: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIVwFRco28Y (9:28)

This person is a bit full of themself, but I took notes : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LLIGZEBmBUk (5:02)

Cartoon style, but basic content/rule packed!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cSYus9Mio_s (9:02)

But for the record, first and foremost:


  1. The point of writing is for communication.

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